Modern design and perfect thermal insulation properties.


  1. Great thermal insulation parameters as a result of the optimal profile structure and innovative EPDM sealing system.
  2. A wide range of Renolit foils and the possibility to apply a number of door fillings enables a vast array of interior designs.
  3. Long usage and structure stability.
  4. High safety level guaranteed by high-quality door fittings.
  5. Elegant design that matches current architectural trends.
  6. Possibility to choose from a wide range of shapes and patterns that create a unique character.
  7. Application of low threshold ensures comforable usage.
  8. The possibility to execute in the so-called thin wielding technology (V-Perfect), that allows to connect the profiles perfectly and it guarantees better clamp and wielding control, and, as a result, very good parameters in the resistance tests of the corners.
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